Brackendale is a small community in the Canadian Province of British Columbia just north of Squamish town Centre, but still within the District of Squamish. The valley is surrounded by mountainous terrain and shored by the Howe Sound waters called Sea to Sky Country; a much different reality than the Greater Vancouver area and city where I was born and raised in.

‘Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end…’ (Mary Hopkin, 1968).  

Do you remember the song, the days of familiarity, the days of freedom as we knew it, days in which friends were close at hand, when we could sing or dance? Now-the-Days of COVID have brought a ‘new reality’ to everyone’s life, including mine.

The new reality does have its unknowns, like moving to a new town a week prior to 2020 lockdown. Feeling alone and unemployed. Yes! I do have friends but none that I know in Brackendale, Squamish; they all live an hour’s travel from where I am. However, I am fortunate to have family close at hand, so I am truly not alone.  I am content with the readjustments of the new reality. I have a small studio suite; I have a dog and grandchildren to keep me occupied. I am single and the responsibilities are little in comparison to raising two daughters on my own. Now, I finally have the freedom to explore my inner creativity given my education in Visual Arts and Design.

Influences and Opportunity

Inspired by Van Gogh, Miro… and the Canadian Impressionists for the stylistic approach to painting. Their expression of a subject, their use of colour that breathed new life and freedom into the art world is as unique as a signature, a signature and style of self-expression.

When we choose to listen, we choose to learn, when we choose to understand, we see what truly matters, like a healthier and happier reality.

I’m glad you’re here as I am. No matter the isolation, no matter our fears. We have options and choices to make. They are little reminders each day - about how precious life is. And about how to live your life. 

Until then, I hope you enjoy the time spent with me, as much as I appreciate your visit to the ‘’  

I hope to hear from you so I've presented the opportunity 

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